COTERIE, a 5 piece band spearheaded by 4 brothers from Perth, rapidly building a reputation as one of Australia’s most electrifying live acts!
Tyler, Joshua, Brandford & Conrad encompass an authenticity often lost in modern music. Records made in their lounge-room tell stories through lyrics drawn from real life experiences whilst melodically rich vocals bring a raw narrative heat to the songs.
Their live shows harness a lifetime of musical connection that evokes feeling, feelings that you can only get when 15 years of jamming starts to speak for itself.
Immersed in a culture of surf and art, the west coast act have developed a unique blend of soulful rock music with perfect 4 part harmonies that have audiences demanding more!
The group’s debut single ‘Where we began’ was released via Island Records in 2019 whilst 2020 gave us the sing-a-long anthems ‘Salvation, Say Goodbye & In the fire’ all being met with outstanding review.
Coterie have since amassed more than 3 million streams, 250,000 youtube views, an army of dedicated fans behind them and are ready to take on the global stage….

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